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Welcome to St Agnes Athletics! 

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Please review the important information on this page and use the links below for our registration and resources.

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Athletic Code:   Parents and Student Athletes are required to read and adhere to the St. Agnes Athletic Code.  Please download and share with your Athlete.   The commitment form must be completed and signed and submitted prior to participation.  This form is included in the Forms page below. 

ALL Forms can be found here

Gym Location

The Athletic fees (non-refundable) cover the sport(s) your athlete(s) choose to participate in during the year
$85 Annual Family Registration Fee
$5 Per Sport Per Athlete Participation Fee
(Ex:  One athlete who plays one sport will pay $90, two sports $95...) 

REGISTRATION    Options to pay on-line or by cash/check are available.

A $50 Uniform fee (excluding softball and track) will be charged for uniforms that are not returned at the end of the season.  The fee will need to be paid before participation in the next sport.
The success of the St Agnes Athletic Program relies on the support of parent volunteers for the efficient operation of our program by fulfilling volunteer hours in *Concessions and Admissions.

Families of athletes are required to volunteer a minimum of 8 hours for each sport and for each athlete that participates.  

Serving on the Athletic Board and Coaching qualifies as volunteer time.

Volunteers are required to be high school age or older.

Families may choose to “opt out” of the volunteer requirement by paying the $125 fee with their registration, in advance of the season.
It is the family’s responsibility to sign up for volunteer hours and track that they are meeting the required time commitment

*Volunteers are not needed during softball and track season