Tuition and Fees
Below are the Tuition and Fees for the 2023-2024 Academic School Year. 

Grades K3 (Full Day) through 8th Grade

Tuition Cost Cost to Educate
  • Parish Family: 1 child $3,000.00
  • $9,000.00
  • Parish Family: 2 children $5,250.00
  • $18,000.00
  • Parish Family: 3 children $6,750.00
  • $27,000.00
  • Parish Family: 4 children $7,800.00
  • $36,000.00
  • Parish Family: 5 children $8,400.00
  • $45,000.00

Grade K3

One Child $3600.00


  • The K3 program (only) can also be billed on a bi-weekly basis
  • The above prices include the FACTS charges (automatic payment of tuition) on one of the
    payment plans.
  • If a family elects to pay the entire balance on or before Organization Day in
    August, there will be a $50.00 discount from the above prices.

Financial Assistance:

  • Wisconsin Choice Program - St. Agnes participates in the Milwaukee and Wisconsin Parental Choice Programs.  More information on the Choice Program can be found here:  Choice Program - click here!   Amy Retzer (Retzera@stagnesparish.org) is our Choice Coordinator.  
  • Tuition Angels:
    If a family cannot meet its tuition obligations, please submit a Tuition Assistance 
    Application Form received from school office. Confidentiality is strictly 
    observed. The Pastor/Adminstrator and Principal have sole access to the names and financial
    information supplied by families. The determination of families receiving financial
    assistance will be the prerogative of the Pastor/Adminstrator and Principal. 
    As always, please contact the school office with any questions.

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