Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is responsible for formulating broad goals and directions for the parish. It assures long-range plan development to carry out the parish mission. The council follows the Pastoral Council norms as directed by archdiocesan policy, and develops the Appendix specific to St. Agnes.

Council members are nominated by fellow parishioners and are chosen through a discernment process. Meetings are conducted monthly (except July), and parishioners may request to have an item placed on the agenda. However, the request must be submitted in advance of the meeting.

Each member of the pastoral council brings to the council particular interests and skills. Council members contribute to parish committees according to those interests and skills.

Cindy Singer
Parish Trustee-Secretary

Greg Retzer
Parish Trustee-Treasurer

Perry Szuminski
Pastoral Council Chairperson

Tanya Bissen
Pastoral Council Vice Chairperson and Secretary

Ann Davis
Pastoral Council Liaison to Christian Formation Committee

Dave Nadolski
Pastoral Council Liaison to Finance Council

Butch Brockman
Pastoral Council Liaison to Human Concerns Committee

Lesley Chisholm
Pastoral Council Liaison to Liturgical Committee

Jackie Ellingen
Tracy Wallschlaeger
Pastoral Council Liaison to School Committee

Jimmy Matthews
Pastoral Council Liaison to Stewardship Committee