All parishioners are encouraged to participate in parish committees. If you are interested in serving on a committee, contact the chairperson for more information. Click on the links below for more information about each committee.

Athletic Committee
The St. Agnes Athletic Committee exists to promote and provide opportunities for participation in athletic activities by the youth of St. Agnes Parish. The committee is responsible for conducting the day-to-day business of the Athletic Program for the school age children in compliance with Archdiocesan policies. This includes, but is not limited to, the recruitment, supervision and training of coaches, purchasing equipment, and other activities necessary to carry out the goals of the program. The goals of the Athletic Committee are:

1. To administer the athletic program for the youth of St. Agnes Parish
2. To teach and foster development of athletic skills and fundamentals, and incorporate Christian values as part of the education/formation process
3. To provide a Christian atmosphere in all athletic programs and activities, incorporating sportsmanship, leadership and team play
4. To provide and promote activities which support lifelong health and fitness
5. All active members of St. Agnes Parish are invited to be members of or coaches for the Athletic Committee.

Building and Grounds Committee
Members of the Building and Grounds Committee maintain and repair the physical property of St. Agnes Parish. They determine necessary or preventative maintenance and arrange for services and repairs. Depending upon the nature of the work and the cost, they work through either the maintenance department of the parish or the Parish Council.

Occasionally, parishioners may be asked to volunteer their expertise to complete specific projects. All parishioners are encouraged to participate and offer services, such as joining the Garden Club.

Christian Formation Committee
Christian Formation supports a lifelong commitment to spiritual and academic growth through community interaction, study, prayer, and sacramental celebration which should culminate in a life-style reflecting the Gospel and life of Jesus Christ. It strives for a productive, trusting relationship between students, families, teachers and staff.

The Christian Formation Committee recommends policy and procedure for the religious education and Christian Formation of all parish members. Through research and special programs, it keeps parishioners informed about goals, policies, content and resources of the Christian Formation program. While charged to facilitate the work of the Coordinator of Youth Ministry and the Preschool through Grade 6 Coordinator, it also provides another opportunity for parishioners to offer input.

This committee assists in providing religious education from preschool through Confirmation. It also helps train religious education volunteers, makes adult education available to the parish, and guides young people through Youth Ministry.

Community Fellowship Committee
Community Fellowship's goal is to build community through small and large group gatherings and events to provide maximum, intergenerational parishioner involvement. As a committee, we try to meet a variety of people's needs. The current events we host make an attempt to be inclusive to all people and ages. Our popular events include:

The Holly Fair is held in November. This annual arts and crafts fair draws crafters from Southeastern Wisconsin, including some local St. Agnes artists. There is a Mrs. Santa House for the children, with helpful teen volunteers. Of course, there is a Santa, available to take pictures with kids, young and old! We provide food and beverages, hosted by our Boy Scouts. Baked goods are offered by our Altar Society. We provide the community with donations from St. Vincent de Paul booth. All in all, a very family-friendly day! For more details, please visit the Holly Fair listing on the Wisconsin Arts Board website.

Throughout the year we host various receptions, and organize Welcoming Sundays (with assistance from other committees).

Endowment Committee
The St. Agnes Day School Endowment Committee (est. in 1991) and the St. Agnes Congregation Endowment Committee (est. 1998) accept donations from people who are interested in investing in our parish and in our children's education at its day school. Money donated is invested, and the interest dividends earned are used to provide essential non-budget items for parish and school purposes as outlined in the Endowment Fund Decrees, or are reinvested in the funds to provide additional growth. Nearly $30,000.00 has already been granted to the school and $6,000.00 to the parish.

The Endowment Fund Advisory Boards meet quarterly in the Parish Conference Center on the third Thursdays of January, March, May, September and November at 7:00 p.m. Members of the Advisory Boards are appointed by the Pastor and are required to have expertise in investments, accounting or related business experience.

Finance Council
The Finance Committee reviews budgetary matters and makes recommendations to the Parish Council in all areas of financial planning. Members meet monthly to look over financial statements and to consider expenses and requests made by various organizations and committees. At the end of each fiscal year they prepare a financial statement for the parish. Members of the Finance Committee work hard trying to achieve a balanced budget for the parish. Members to the Council are appointed by the pastor.

Human Concerns Committee
The Human Concerns Committee is made up of many groups of people, all working together, to help members of the Parish and community members at large.

Several of our groups work to help the needy in our area through our Food Pantry. Our donations come from parish members, as well as other groups like the Scouts and a local motorcycle club.

St. Vincent DePaul Society is part of our committee and it serves people in desperate situations by helping with the SHARE program, driving people to doctor appointments and hospitals and assisting with Mass and the Marian Franciscan home.

Human Concerns Outreach Sub-committee

As the title indicates, we are part of our parish's Human Concerns Committee which reports to our parish council. As a sub-committee we review requests from local, state, and national organizations that ask for funding by St. Agnes Parish.

Our criteria for granting such requests includes the submission of financial and mission statements. Once a month after reviews of such appeals our members submit decisions to the entire Human Concerns Committee. After the approval of their decisions, donations are made and information published in the St. Agnes Church Bulletin.

Recently we have sent donations to organizations that provide education for Indian children in the western and southwestern states; groups who provide care for the homeless and provide clothing, food and dental services in our own area; help to poor parishes in the deep south who have so little to meet the needs in their area for example, the Edmundite Mission in Selma, Alabama.

If you are interested in meeting with us once a month to review the requests we receive for financial aid, please know you are always welcome.

Even though you may not be able to spend time on the committee, you may have knowledge of other organizations who have needs. We would welcome that information and encourage you to call us.

Liturgical Committee
Our ultimate mission is to spread and live the Good News of Jesus Christ. A major goal is to celebrate the sacramental life of the Catholic Church. The main thrust of this goal is the active participation of the assembled community in the Eucharistic celebration. A major effort will be made to continue educating the community about the teachings and traditions of Jesus, as well as the traditions of the Catholic Faith.

This effort will be made by the entire parish community, particularly those people who are actively involved in the liturgical ministries. When the faith of the parish and the community is alive and well, then the parish community will be able to accomplish the mission of the liturgical need Jesus has proclaimed in the Gospel and is celebrated within the sacraments.

We include in our concerns, response to the liturgical needs of the parish, the warmth and reception shown to all who attend our liturgy, and improvement of quality liturgical planning.

We are always looking for volunteers who are willing to serve in any of the ministries coordinated by the committee, including:

Altar Society, Ministers of the Word (Lectors,) Eucharistic Ministers, Altar Servers, Environment Committee, Ministers of Hospitality, Parish Choir and Bell Choir.

Public Relations Committee
The Public Relations Committee is in charge of putting together and publishing the Parish Newsletter. We also coordinate the printing of the Parish Directory, and Nominations for the Parish Council and Parish Trustees. We help organize the Welcoming Sundays and you can always find us helping out with donuts and juice, or answering questions for potential new members. Our committee is small and we are always looking for new members with new ideas to help our Parish communicate better. We also need Parish Photographers, story writers, and proof readers. Please come join us!

St. Agnes School Committee
The St. Agnes School and the corresponding School Committee are dedicated to increasing the educational value our students receive. There are a number of goals that are being examined to achieve that end.

The School Committee has pushed forward an effort to find alternative ways to fund improvements to the school which go above and beyond the budget. The primary effort will be done through seeking appropriate grants which will allow the school to add to the technology and supplies it already has.

The committee is also working on trying to create ways that families can become more involved with the school and at the same time increase the number of social activities for families.

At the school, we want students to have more opportunities to succeed. The more adults we have as part of the Resource Room on a weekly basis, the more success struggling students can attain, while boosting self-esteem and increasing personal growth.

Stewardship Committee
The Stewardship Committee is a standing committee of the St. Agnes Parish Council. It is composed of members whose task is to create a vision that will be shared with and authorized by the Parish Council. This vision will be communicated with all Parish members and acted upon by all committees and staff.

The Stewardship Committee coordinates the implementation of all volunteers in the Parish. Members of the committee are visionary in function, with the intent to educate and enhance all phases of stewardship at St. Agnes, including time, talent and treasure.