Support For Learners

Content for the Support for Learners webpage

St. Agnes School provides support for learners across all grade levels and subjects.

Differentiated Instruction

The most common and perhaps least recognized form of learning support at every grade level is differentiated instruction. Teachers use differentiated instruction to adjust their curriculum and instruction to maximize the progress of all students: grade level learners, struggling students, students with special learning challenges and gifted students. Differentiation is about using an instructional framework that allows the teacher to simultaneously utilize a variety of learning strategies to support the varied learning needs of the students.



Instructional Support Aides

One of the most visible programs in the building is the support offered to students in the classroom by instructional support aides. These education professionals assist in facilitating instruction and collaborate with classroom teachers to provided one-on-one or small group instruction for students who need an increased level of differentiation, whether that be re-teaching, or accelerated instruction.

Title 1

Title 1 is a federally funded program to support students who are not yet proficient in essential skill areas. These funds are disseminated by the Hamilton and Milwaukee public school districts to St. Agnes School to deliver targeted instruction in reading. St. Agnes School works in collaboration with Catapult Learning to deliver this supplemental instruction to students receiving services.

Special Education Assessment Services/Speech Therapy

Special education assessment services are provided by the Hamilton School District for those students receiving referrals from parents and teachers. Hamilton School District also provides speech therapy for qualifying students with an IEP for speech/language deficits.


Rising Stars

An affiliated ministry of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, Rising Stars works with schools in the Milwaukee area by offering tutoring to students from K4 through eighth grade. Tutors learn and support the methods of their teacher partners and offer monitoring that maximizes a student’s time on a task. Tutors provide one-on-one or small group attention, one to two days per week for one to two hours at a time. Tutoring sessions typically occur during the school day and are tailored to the individual learning styles of students and their levels of understanding.