School Supplies - K3/K4

St. Agnes School
K3 & K4 Supply List (2021-2022)

Please do not label the following items. They will be collected and used as needed. The classroom has a supply of scissors and pencils.

___ 2 bottles of Elmer’s School glue (4oz. bottle)

___ 4 glue sticks (large size- .77oz; Elmer’s brand)

___ 4 boxes of regular (24 count) Crayola crayons

___ 2 sets of Crayola markers (thick, classic color, washable)

___ 2 packages of stickers (to be used by teacher during the year)  

___ 3 boxes of Kleenex tissues

___ 1 package of napkins (for snack)

___ 3 large canisters of Clorox wipes to sanitize tables and rest mats

___ 1 bottle of hand sanitizer

___ 1 container of baby wipes for art project clean up

___ 1 vinyl rest mat for all day K4 students (this will be sent home at the end of the school year) *Walmart, Target, or Amazon will have deals for back to school J

___ 1 plastic/vinyl take-home daily folder

The following items should be labeled:

___ A pair of gym shoes to keep at school. Make sure shoes are easy to put on-velcro is preferred!

___1 school bag/backpack to carry on school days. (No wheels, please)

___A complete change of clothing to be kept at school: sweatpants, shirt, socks, and underwear. Place all items in a labeled plastic bag.

*Other items that are useful for classroom projects include:

Paper plates (large and small), paper lunch bags (white or brown), Ziploc baggies (various sizes).