School Supplies - Middle School

St. Agnes School
Middle School Supply List (2021-2022)
6th – 8th Grades

____6 Single subject spiral notebooks – Colors: 2 green, 3 blue, 1 yellow, 1 red

____7 Folders – Colors: 2 green, 2 blue (with prongs for holding 3-hole punches), 1 yellow (vinyl or plastic), 1 red

____5 Red pens – 5 blue or black pens (no neon or metallic gel pens)

____20 Pencils

____1Thin black Papermate or Flair marker – Sharpies will not be allowed

____2 Packs of loose leaf paper for assignments

____1 Package of markers (thin or thick is fine)


____Ruler – wooden or plastic; 12” with centimeter and inch markings

____2 Soft pencil cases (one for every day – one for storage of art supplies)

 ____Colored pencils


____2 Glue sticks

____2 Highlighters – different colors

____1 Pack of lined 3 x 5 index cards

____Graph paper

____4 Correction tapes (No liquid white-out)

____Calculator (TI 108 or similar: Needs four functions) * NO SCIENTIFIC CALCULATORS *

____1 Book bag

____5 LARGE boxes of facial tissue and 5 LARGE rolls of paper toweling

____2 Containers of Clorox wipes

____1 Pair gym shoes – Used for gym only

____ Gym clothes - shorts/t-shirt or sweatpants/t-shirt

____ Gym bag for gym shoes and clothes

____ Textbook covers (3 Jumbo and 1 regular size) All textbooks need to be covered.

____ 1 Bottle hand Sanitizer

____ 1 Bottle of hand soap

*A School Assignment Book will be provided by the school*

Parents: Please adhere to the above.

We ask you to check your child’s supplies of the above mentioned items periodically and replenish them as needed. Thank you for your cooperation and support.