School Supplies - 5th Grade

St. Agnes School
Grade 5 Supply List (2021-2022)

Dear Parents of Future Fifth Graders,

You might think it is too early to make plans for the next school year, but in order for your child to have a successful start, we must begin now.  Your child needs the following items on the first day of school.

Please check supplies periodically and replace when needed.

Please label all supplies.

          10 pencils - #2 lead

          1 Black pen

          1 Blue pen

          3 Red pens

          2 Black “sharpie” markers - fine point

          1 Pack of dry erase markers

          1 Eraser

          1 12” ruler (Metric and Inches)

          2 Sturdy pencil pouches for pencils and markers

          1 Package of loose leaf paper - Wide ruled - NO perforated notebooks

          7 Spiral notebooks (10 1/2 by 8 - Wide ruled)

          2 Pocket folders

          1 Set of 24 crayons and 1 set of colored pencils

          2 Sets of Magic Markers - fine point and wide

          1 - 6” scissors

          1 Clear (transparent) protractor

          1 Bottle of school glue

          2 Glue sticks

          3 Large boxes of facial tissues

______1 Hand Sanitizer                                         

          1 Pack of Clorox Wipes

          1 Sturdy book bag

          3 Book covers

          A separate pair of gym shoes

          Gym clothes - shorts/t-shirt

______Gym bag to carry gym shoes and clothes

*A School Assignment Book will be provided by the school*

Parents: Please adhere to the above.  Absolutely NOfad’ items or Trapper Keepers will be allowed. Also, NO 3 ring binders.  Thank you for your cooperation and support.