School Supplies - 4th Grade

St. Agnes School
Grade 4 Supply List (2019-2020)

Dear Parents of Future Fourth Graders,

To help you and your child prepare for Fourth Grade, I am including a list of supplies needed for next year.  This should help your child get off to a good start.

Please check supplies periodically and replace when needed.

Please label all supplies.

          Pencils – at least 12 – replace as needed (Cheap ones do not last or sharpen well.)

          3 School pouches for supplies – 1 for colored pencils, 1 for markers, 1extra 

          4 Red marking pens (replace as needed)

          1 Set each of markers – thick and thin

          1 Set of colored pencils – box of  24

_______1 Hand-held pencil sharpener that collects shavings

     _     1 Box of 24 crayons

       _   1 Clear (transparent) protractor

_______1 White chunk OR pink pearl eraser

          5 Pocket folders

          Glue–1 liquid (white school glue) and 1 glue stick

          1 Dispenser of Scotch tape

          Scissors 6” or 8” blade

          1 Packages of white loose leaf paper (wide ruled – at least 150 sheets—make sure you have 1 additional package for home use!)

          1 – 12” ruler

          2 Single subject notebooks – wide ruled only

          2 Non-spiral bound composition books

          1 Pastel colored Hi-liter – not yellow

          1 Package of dry erase markers

**Please Write your child’s name on folders, pouches, scissors, glue, notebooks, etc.**


_______ 1 Container Hand Sanitizer

           3 Large boxes of Kleenex

_______ 3 Jumbo sized cloth book covers       

_          1 School bag – Backpack (sturdy)

   _       Gym clothes and shoes plus a bag for storage

_          Boots and snow pants for winter

*A School Assignment Book will be provided by the school*

Please Note:

PLEASE:  No Trapper Keepers or calculators

Thank you for your cooperation.  Have an enjoyable, relaxing, safe sum