School Lunch Information

**Watch for 2021 - 2022 school year updates **

2020 - 2021 Note: Due to the impact of COVID-19, St. Agnes School is temporarily providing bag lunches only through the school lunch program. St. Agnes School is excited to announce that we are currently participating in the Seamless Summer Option (SSO). The SSO is a program offered by the State of Wisconsin to help families during the COVID 19 pandemic. Throughout the duration of this program, all families will qualify for free lunches, every day, when St. Agnes School is in session for onsite instruction. The current process for ordering lunches and the bagged lunches that are provided each day through our contract with the Elmbrook School District does not change.  The only change is that regardless of your status, all lunches will be free.

If you are interested in having your child/children participate in this program please contact Mrs. Amy Retzer at 262-781-4996

General Information

St. Agnes School participates in the National School Lunch Program. Applications for Free or Reduced Lunch are available through the school office. Families may apply any time there are significant financial changes in the household. For more information call 262-781-4996.

Ordering Process

St. Agnes School Lunch is provided under contract with the Elmbrook School District. Families order for a month at a time.

School lunch orders are placed using the Boonli website: https://sags.boonli.com. Our school code: SAS1.  

Each family will sets up their own account. Each month there is a window of time for families to order the lunches they want for the next month. That window of time is posted in the St. Agnes Friday Flyer.

If you need assistance setting up your account, please call the school office: 262-781-4996 X 201.


Menus are posted at: http://elmbrookschools.nutrislice.com; Choose St. Agnes School, and the correct month.     

Students at St. Agnes have a choice of two main dishes.  Only the main choices will appear on the order site. Sides will not appear for ordering. The sides are the same for both entrees. The Elmbrook Schools link has a lot of information that you can access for the month's menu, depending on your dietary needs. A paper copy of the menu is also sent home prior to the monthly order period in our weekly green folders.


All lunch orders must be paid by check for the exact amount to: St. Agnes School. Payments can be made as soon as ordering has taken place. Otherwise, payments are due the 5th of each month for that month's order.

Example: Payment for October is due on or before October 5th.

All hot lunch combos include milk. Milk may be purchased on the website as a separate item for those who bring cold lunch. There are drinking fountains available to those who prefer water. If a child forgets his/her lunch, and a parent or guardian cannot be reached to bring a lunch to school, a lunch will be prepared for him/her. Prices are: Regular/Combo — $3.10; milk only, $0.30.

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