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Stewardship is the way parishioners help support St. Agnes Parish. Each parishioner is asked to complete a stewardship card each year to help the parish plan for the coming year. On the card, parishioners indicate their level of support to the parish -- through their time, talent and treasure. The card lists the many ways individuals and families can help the parish.

Each person is asked to make a financial commitment, but that can be in whatever amount is considered appropriate to the individual. Just as importantly, though, is the commitment of time and talent. There are many ministries, committees and other activities that need the help of individuals to make them succeed.

True tithing means giving 10 percent of one's income. At St. Agnes, parishioners are asked to give 5 percent to the parish and 5 percent to other charities of their choice.

Please be sure to fill out your stewardship card when you get it (usually in November). If you need a card or have any questions about stewardship, please contact the parish office, at 262-781-9521.