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Curriculum and Programs

Curriculum and Programs

For more information about the St. Agnes School curriculum and other programs, please contact the school office.

  • School Curriculum
  • Testing Program
  • Field Trips
  • Parish Insurance Coverage
  • Hot Lunch
  • Forensics 
  • School Bands 
  • Scouts
  • Mass Servers
  • Student Council
  • Athletic Program
  • Home and School Association
  • School Committee
  • Teacher Contact
  • Bus Transportation
  • Students Transported by Car

School Curriculum
The curriculum provides a well-rounded program. Special emphasis is placed on RELIGION. Other areas of the curriculum include: Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, Physical Education, Computer Instruction and Spanish (Grades K5-8).

Testing Program
Standardized Achievement Tests are administered to students in Grades 3-8. The testing program is done in the Spring of the year, generally the first two weeks of March. During the Forward Exam testing time NO VACATIONS should be scheduled. Exact dates are given on the School Calendar each year. Also, students in K5-8th take the STAR test twice during the school year to inform teacher instruction.

Field Trips
A field trip is planned in order to enhance and enrich a particular learning experience here at school. Participation in a field trip is a privilege based on a student's attitude and behavior at school and in the classroom. Therefore, there may be students who will not be invited to participate in a Field Trip, based on an uncooperative attitude and/or behavior. Parents of such students will be notified and the student(s) will spend the day at school in another supervised area, doing assigned work.

Parish Insurance Coverage
Liability Insurance is effective during the school hours and 20 minutes before and after school hours, i.e., 7:30 A.M to 2:55 P.M. In case of need, insurance forms are available in the school office.

The Forensics Program is sponsored by the Home and School Association. Students from 4th through 8th Grade may participate. A Forensic Festival is held in the Spring.

School Bands
The Junior Band starts in 4th Grade:  students may progress to the Senior Band. The season is from October through May. Lessons and/or practices take place during the school day, once a week. Instruments are rented.

Both Girls' and Boys' Scouting Programs are available for students in Grades 1 - 8.

Mass Servers
Girls and boys may begin to participate as Mass Servers in the 5th Grade. Participating students must maintain academic and behavioral standards set by the classroom teacher.

Student Council
The Student Council consists of members from grades 4 - 8. Grades 6, 7, and 8 run for Officer positions and are voted in by the 4-8 grade students. Students work to improve school spirit, show leadership, and serve the school body. Students attend monthly meetings, vote on Spirit Days, serve on committees to organize and work on monthly activities, and contribute to worthy causes.

Athletic Program
Students can begin to participate in our extensive sports program in the 5th Grade. The Athletic Board, with the cooperation of the School Principal, sponsors and conducts this program.

"Requirements for participation apply equally to students in the Parish School and in the Religious Education Program. Eligibility to compete will be determined by the student's academic record, effort, attendance and conduct in school (whether Catholic or public), and in Religious Education classes. Determination of such eligibility criteria will be made by parish and school administration, after consultation with staff members and appropriate committees." (St. Agnes Athletic Association).

Home and School Association
The Home and School Association has been formed for the purpose of effective communication and cooperation between parents and educators. Parents are strongly urged to take an active part in the organization.

School Committee
The School Committee meets once a month. The members work in conjunction with the principal in forming school policies. They also advise and support the principal's administration of the school programs.

Teacher Contact
Teachers may be contacted at school between 2:35 and 3:00 P.M. A note requesting contact with a teacher will be answered by a return note or call at the earliest convenience of both parties. Teachers email addresses are listed in the parent handbook.  DO NOT CALL TEACHERS AT THEIR HOMES.

Bus Transportation
Buses from Milwaukee and Menomonee Falls school districts provide transportation to St. Agnes.The school MAY NOT give permission for a student to ride a bus, different from the one to which he/she has been assigned, for the purpose of visiting a friend etc., or to ride the bus if he/she is not eligible by district to RIDE the bus. Buses park on the playground in a designated area.

Students Transported by Car
Cars should park at the far end of the playground near the bike rack outside of the fence. CARS and BUSES will be given a SIGNAL BY THE SUPERVISING TEACHER when the playground is clear and they are free to drive away.