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Year End Survey 2020
  • Christian Formation Family Survey 2020

    Please indicate the grade level of each of your children:
  • Thinking about this past year of Christian Formation (Sep - Mar) please answer the following questions:


  • 1. Was the general communication you received from the Christian Formation dept. (CF dept.) helpful and informative?
  • 2. Was the amount of communication you received from the CF dept. appropriate for the purpose it was communicating?
  • 3. Which forms of communication would you prefer or would be most helpful for being informed about the programs, activities and events?
    Select all that apply
  • 4. During the pandemic crisis was your family able to stay connected to the parish and/or CF Dept?
  • b. How easy was it to use the Faith Formation at Home resources on our website?
  • 5.  Did you attend any of the Family Time sessions as a family or any of the Family Time programs for adults and high school students scheduled this year?  Please rate their relevance 1 (Not relevant at all) - 5 (Very Relevant) 
  • Optional: Please follow-up with me regarding my comments, suggestions or concerns.  Please provide Name and contact info and the best time to contact.