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Breakfast, Snacks, Naps

Snacks and breakfast

An afternoon snack and beverage will be provided. A morning snack will be provided for K-3 as well. Parents are encouraged to send snacks to share (crackers, raisins, peanut butter, etc.) or paper products (cups, napkins, etc.).
We understand that some children get up early in the morning so mom and dad can get to work on time. We have found that children might be less hurried and better able to eat breakfast at the Daycare, than at home. Please feel free to send a light breakfast with your child in the morning to meet your child’s needs. TCU has a toaster and microwave.
The Daycare provides a “quiet time” for K-3 and K-4 children in the early afternoon. A video is usually watched during this time. Your child may bring in his/her favorite video to share. Some children will fall asleep during this time. A child might want to bring in a sleeping bag or a favorite blanket.