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Daycare Security


The TCU entrance is located on the west side of the school next to the gym. Please use this entrance at all times. We ask parents to please be patient with this security system, which is to provide the School maximum security for all the children in St. Agnes and Daycare. If we are in the gym there will be a sign on the door on which entrance to use. When we are on the playground please do not drive your vehicle over to the playground to pick up your child.
A parent or someone authorized by the parents must sign their child in and out. The daycare staff will never release a child to someone who is not authorized by the parents to pick up the child. If you forget to sign your child in or out you will be charged your regular hours.
At the end of the school day your child's teacher will inform the class which children attend TCU. To pick up your child you must come into TCU and sign out your son/daughter. No child will be allowed to leave the building without being signed out by a parent or authorized person. This will be strictly enforced.