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Facility and Philosophy

Daycare Facility and Philosophy

The Before and After School program will strive to be a worthwhile part of the child’s day. The environment and program will stimulate the child to grow in self-esteem, self-expression, Christian values, and reinforce school learning.

The St. Agnes TCU Daycare provides care for children who attend the school: before school, after school and throughout the day. The Daycare provides a balance of structured and non-structured activities. We also utilize the gym and playground on a regular basis. 

Computers are available in each room to provide a variety of supervised games as well as learning experiences with this important tool. TCU does not have access to the internet. Children K-3 through grade 6 are invited to take advantage of this facility.
Working parents are better able to plan their day when their children have a safe place to be outside of class time in the same building.