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Illness, Injury, Medication


Good judgment on the part of the parent is expected as to when to keep a child home. In general, a fever of 100 degrees, diarrhea, and/or vomiting are reasons not to send a child to school. If a child becomes ill while at TCU, the parent will be called to come for the child.
In case of a communicable disease, the parent must notify the director, who will post a notice on the door of TCU. Forms kept on file in the TCU facility require the signature of an authorized parent.
The parent must provide the name of a doctor or medical facility, which will be utilized in case of injury. In case of life threatening injury, 911 will be called and will transport the child to the nearest appropriate facility. In case of serious, but not life threatening injury, the parent will be called and must accompany the child in the ambulance. In case of minor injuries, the child will be taken care of, and the parent will be notified in a reasonable fashion.
It may be necessary, on occasion for the Daycare to administer medication to a child. The parent needs to complete a permission form, which remains on file in the Daycare files. Medications are kept out of reach of the children. If the medication needs to be refrigerated, please inform the Daycare staff. If the child is allergic to any foods or insect bites. Please submit verification of this information to the Daycare.