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All children are expected to follow the same basic rules that apply in the classroom. Respect for themselves, other children, the staff and the facility is demanded at all times. Children, who are continually disruptive or disrespectful, will be considered on probation and parents will be notified.
Children may be dropped from the program at the discretion of the director if they present serious discipline problems.
You will receive a discipline notice if there is a discipline problem.
In order for the TCU program to run smoothly, you and your child(ren) need to be aware of the discipline policy that we enforce. PLEASE review the following rules with your child(ren):
The following is a list of unacceptable behavior (not exclusive):
1) Disrespect towards staff or teachers
2) Disrespect towards other children
3) involved in a verbal confrontation
4) not following rules and/or listenting to staff members.
5) inappropriate language to staff or other children
6) physically fighting in TCU or on school premises
7) any severse anti-social or abnormal conduct that may endanger life and limb.
Following disruptive behavior, the child will be given a verbal warning. A second infractin will result in a "time-out". During the "time-out", the child will be asked to convey to the staff/teacher either verbally or in written form how the disruptive behavior could have been prevented. Any hitting would result in an immediate "time-out". In the case of non-cooperation acts that would endanger others or one self, the parent will be notified.
Children who are continually disruptive will be given a "for your information notice" (a description of your child/ren's behavior that needs to be signe". After two signed notices, if the child continues to have serious discipline problesm he/she may be suspended from the TCU program for three days or dismissed from the program at the discretion of the TCU director.
The child, or his/her parent or guardina, may within five school days following the dismissal, appeal to the Pastor of St. Agnes Parish in writing, with rationale for appeal. The Pastor of St. agnes Parish will investigate that correct procedures were followed. If they were not followed, the Pastor of St. AGnes Parish will refer the issue back to the parish/school/daycare with a recommendation of which step of the procedure needs to be reviewed and further processed.
Unfortunately some children think the rules do not apply to them. TCU will not tolerate any disrespectfulness toward staff members.