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Clothing and Toys


The Daycare rooms have a good supply of toys and computers. The Daycare staff asks that children do not bring toys or stuffed animals from home. If you have a video that you wish to share with the Daycare, please understand that the staff will decide if the video is suitable for all the children who will view it. If there is extenuating circumstances which would make your child more comfortable with a familiar item from home, please discuss this with Daycare staff. 

K-3 and K-4 students may bring in a familiar toy or two to play with during the day. At 2:50 P.M., when the older children come, the toy must be put in their backpack for safekeeping. Please realize TCU cannot be responsible for any lost items.         
Keep in mind your child is much more comfortable in “sensible” play clothes.
Some days are “dress-up” days for liturgy or other events. Feel free to send a change of clothes along with your child on these days.
The Daycare will allow the children to play outside as often as possible. It is very helpful to label all clothing items.
The Daycare Staff discourages the wearing of jewelry: i.e. necklaces, rings. Children are fascinated with jewelry and sometimes it is lost in the Daycare room.